Sweeping meadow is inspiration for new home

Natural Landscape Inspires New Home Design

A sweeping meadow was the canvas which my client had purchased for his new home. How to work with a site is an early decision in the architectural design process.  One of the “patterns” in Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language” recommends that the best parts of the land be maintained;  in this case the meadow was left open. With that in mind, I [and my client] reviewed many ways to place the house to work within the surrounding environment.


National Geographic recognizes recent design

Traditional New England design with 40% lower fuel bills. Mentioned in Oct.’08 National Geographic

Does this look like a project with energy efficiency at its core?   High “R” Value insulation, air-tightness level and super efficient heating/cooling equipment create a project that uses 40% less fuel than code.  This efficient project is discussed in 7/2008 special climate change issue of National Geographic.  All the energy upgrades used available skills and materials and added little to the overall cost helping to keep the budget right on target.