Photosensualis, Woodstock Gallery Restoration

Restoration of 200 Year Old Barn Respected

History Over 200 years of history and colorful local stories came with this timber frame structure.  Layer upon layer of changes and cover-ups needed to be stripped away from this circa 1800 Dutch barn.  As the architect the greatest challenges here were technical and legal;  changing from a retail to an assembly space triggered careful code reviews for fire safety and handicap accessibility.  However, beneath all that was the fun of taking a badly neglected building and recycling it into an energy-efficient Photosensualis Photography Gallery.

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Japanese styled photographers home studio addition

Home studio addition with Japanese aesthetic

Photographer home studio addition design

Photographer home studio addition design

Photographer’s Studio Addition

Howard is a photographer who needed space at home for his work and wanted to include a “Japanese” aesthetic in an addition. The property drops off at the edge of the existing home so the only solution was to remove a portion of the roof and build upward. This presented challenges but also opportunity; the second story porch uses the dramatic site while its exposed structure gave me an opportunity to work toward Howard’s aesthetic. Roofs are a powerful defining shape and here were an opportunity to complete the request for a Japanese-styled architectural addition.

Japanese styled photographers home studio addition

Photographers studio design addition

The second-story addition and renovations below were an opportunity to bring this wing of the house up to better-than-code specifications for insulation and (shell-tightening). It’s always wise to identify and (fix existing problems) in structures that should be corrected as you add-on an addition.