Arts and Crafts House based on Birdcliffs Woodstock

New house design based on Birdcliff Cottages of Woodstock

New house design based on Birdcliff Cottages of Woodstock

Efficient, economical and just the right size. This home, based on the Arts and Crafts style of the Birdcliff cottages in Woodstock, was designed for a local builder. It is a simple rectangle with economical plywood board-and-batten siding, has two bedrooms and a (multi-use room), and is only 1400 sq.ft. A well thought out open plan makes this a good example of the less-is-more movement in home design. Last year was the first time in 75 years that the average home built in our country decreased in size. Home buyers are understanding that quality is more important than additional square footage. Within the current economic crunch and tight-money environment, it is possible to build a great house if careful design decisions are made. Energy efficiency is one benefit of the small house. Combine this with 21st century insulation and appropriate (shell tightening) and your life in this home would be sustainable for years to come.

Photosensualis, Woodstock Gallery Restoration

Restoration of 200 Year Old Barn Respected

History Over 200 years of history and colorful local stories came with this timber frame structure.  Layer upon layer of changes and cover-ups needed to be stripped away from this circa 1800 Dutch barn.  As the architect the greatest challenges here were technical and legal;  changing from a retail to an assembly space triggered careful code reviews for fire safety and handicap accessibility.  However, beneath all that was the fun of taking a badly neglected building and recycling it into an energy-efficient Photosensualis Photography Gallery.

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